I bought 2 mini vci j2534 cables with Tecshtream Ver. 10.10.018 CD last week from a site (worldobd2.com) claiming to be an authorized “Xhorse” dealer. That one works on both my 2002 Prius ISO9141 (with 22 pin connector) and a 2009 Camry Hybrid CANbus (with 16-pin diagnostic connector).
I used to buy one non- Xhorse Techstream cable, it worked too. But I failed to get it worked onK-line Toyota on Win 7 64-bit operating system. The second xhorse cable runs perfectly on Win XP, Win 7 32 bit/64 bit Virtual PC on Intel based laptops.

How to tell if your J2534 mini vci cable is Xhorse brand?
Firmware is king.
X-horse company developed this MINI VCI from Toyota Techstream software. There are 2 versions of Mini VCI; firmware ver. 2.0.1 and 1.4.1. My friend got the later and reported has no K-line signal.
My both two Xhorse mini vci interfaces come with firmware V2.0.1 (not V1.4.0 or higher v2.0.4)
The xhorse v2.0.1 cable 100% works with all modern Toyotas (K-line and CAN BUS) except you get no L line support for flashing ECUs. It will definitely no do. This is tested by most of Toyota owner, me included.
Firmware PCB Layouts, parts are well soldered and connected.